Pulled Chest Muscle Symptoms and Their Cures

By Vincent Smythe

What are pulled chest muscle symptoms? In order to discuss symptoms of chest injuries, lets first classify the phrase;”pulled a muscle in my chest”. Pulling a muscle is not quite a true reflection of what is happening to your chest. You either have a tight muscle or you tear it. Pulled chest muscle symptoms will either refer to a muscular injury or the dreaded tendon injury. There can be various reasons why the muscle in the chest has been pulled. One of the main reasons for a pulled muscle is that it has been over strained during a workout.

Let’s take a much more detailed look at chest symptoms. Let us use the example that you train your chest with bench presses. What will happen is the muscle will incur micro tears in the muscle fibers. You will tend to land up in varying degrees of tenderness, pain, tightness and possibly swelling. These are symptoms that are not anything to worry about. You would relate these pulled chest muscle symptoms with a regular intense workout. This is quite normal and should subside in one or two days.

Your real concerns should start when more serious pulled chest muscle symptoms occur. Before I tell what they are let me give you a frequent scenario that happens often. People usually continue to train on the sore muscle, ignoring any muscle symptoms, and produces even more damage. When over trained muscles take too much damage it results in tendon tearing. Pulled muscle symptoms in the tendon take place often at the Musculo-tendinous junction. This is where the bicep, deltoids and pectoral tendons come together. Any injury here will produce symptoms such as extreme pain on active movement and pain and restriction on passive movements.

Once you experience these symptoms you will have to bring to a halt all training in that area. Ice the injury, get lots of rest, use anti-inflammatories and get graded exercises and stretching routines from a physiotherapist. Any further injuries to this area in this stage will result in pectoral tendinitis. This is indicative of symptoms in which there is tremendous swelling of the tendon. Extra damage will result in Pectoral Tendinopathy. This will put you out of training for a couple of months! Remember also that a strain pectoral muscle will activate the deltoids and biceps to come to the pectorals aid. The minor muscles compensating for major muscles results in muscular imbalance, which WILL create injuries to your shoulders and particularly your neck.

All of these muscle symptoms can be avoided. All these injuries and loss of training time can be solved by one major thing. CORRECT EXECUTION OF EXERCISES.

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May 23, 2009

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