Groin Pull Symptoms and Causes

No matter how severe the strain, by its very nature a groin pull is both sudden and painful. The specific symptoms you’ll experience with a pulled groin depend upon the severity of the muscle strain.

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Common symptoms of a strained groin include:

  • Pain in the groin and surrounding areas
  • swelling and tenderness
  • bruising in the groin area (indicates blood vessels have been broken)
  • overall weakness in the adductor muscles
  • stiffness in the region
  • possible snapping or popping as the groin muscle tears (if severe)

There are numerous possible causes of a pulled groin, however, let’s take a look at some of the most common ones:

  • lack of flexibility in the groin
  • poor groin strength
  • being overtired, overused, or not warming up prior to stressful activity
  • overstretching the groin (pushing the adductor muscles past their tension threshold)
  • sudden stress upon the groin, often cause by lateral movement
  • external impact upon the groin

Additionally, you are at risk for a groin strain if you are exercising while fatigued (which can result in poor form), during cold weather, or if you’ve had a previous groin injury.

If you have symptoms of a mild to sever groin pull or strain, for treatment related info, read more: Groin Pull Treatment

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