Recover from an Ankle Injury Faster

Use the QiVantage® Ankle Injury Treatment Kit to immediately stop the pain and swelling, and kickstart the body's natural ability to recover quickly and thoroughly.

How does it work? QiVantage's unique Recovery Wrap™ formula quickly reduces swelling and inflammation, and removes the toxins that slow down or halt the healing process. Additionally, the formula increases circulation. This allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach injured muscle and joint tissue, and accelerates the recovery process.

Key benefits of the Ankle Treatment Kit

Yes Easy to use, athlete-proven and provides 12 hours of continuous therapy per treatment
Yes Safe and effective for all ages - 100% organic and natural
Yes More effective than ice, heat or anti-inflammatory drugs
Yes Risk free to try with our Money-Back Guarantee
Yes Includes Free Priority Shipping and overnight shipping is also available

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Ankle Injury Treatment Kit

How Bad is Your Injury?


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Athlete Tested, Athlete Approved:

  • Nature’s Amazing Sprained Ankle Antidote 100% Natural and completely safe for all ages. Made in the USA in state-of-the-art facilities. Works where ice, heat, anti-inflammatory drugs, and ultrasound fail, and with no side effects.

  • Banish Ankle Pain Deep penetrating topical formula reduces swelling and inflammation which relieves pain immediately with first application.

  • Recuperate in ½ the time Based on surveys given to over 10,000 athletes. QiVantage kits reduced recovery time by half the time of standard guidelines.
  • Recover fully the first time Eliminates toxins that accumulate in an injured ankle. This allows complete recovery so you avoid risk of repeat injury.
  • Heal at the Maximum Rate The Recovery Wrap™ allows a continuous 12 hours of therapy and is safe enough to use consecutive days.

  • Boost your Recovery Power Increases circulation to your ankle, bringing vital nutrients and oxygen to injured muscle and joint tissue.

  • End inconvenient and costly treatments No need to miss school or work…treatments can be done anywhere and at anytime to fit your schedule.

Your Recommended Solution for Your Ankle Injury

Mild Injury Kit

A mild to moderate sprained ankle is one that is recent and hurts, but isn't overly impairing motion. If you stretch it directly against the sprain the pain can be sharp, but otherwise it is a not overly distracting.

Recommendation: Mild Injury Treatment Kit

Everything you need to get back in the game. The kit includes:

  • 1 Box Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patches (5 pack)
  • 1 Therapeutic Recovery Cream - Extra Strength (4.5 oz.)
  • Quick & Easy step by step treatment instructions
  • FREE USPS Priority Shipping
  • 3 Month FREE membership in QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage Program

Price: $69 $39 ($30 Savings)


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Moderate Injury Kit

A moderate sprained ankle is often tender to the touch. It can be swollen, may show bruising and often feels knotted up or tight. It consistently produces a dull pain, but if stretched the pain can be extreme.

Recommendation: Moderate Injury Treatment Kit

This kit contains an easy-to-implement 1 week program of wraps, patches and topical formulas to turn things around quickly. The kit includes:

  • 1 Recovery Wrap (2 treatments)
  • 1 Box Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patches (5 pack)
  • Quick & Easy step by step treatment instructions
  • FREE USPS Priority Shipping
  • 3 - Month FREE membership in QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage Program

Price: $109 $69 ($40 Savings)


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Severe Injury Kit

A severe ankle sprain is one that is constantly painful and the pain can be sharp at times. It may be resistant to recovery - resting does not seem to significantly help, nor do other common approaches such as the R.I.C.E. method or anti-inflammatories.

Recommendation: Severe Injury Treatment Kit

This kit is designed for those who want to take the steps to recover properly and efficiently. Through an easy to implement 9-day protocol of wraps, patches and topical formulas - it is designed to provide the body everything it needs to effectively restore strength, flexibility and function to the ankle.

  • 2 Recovery Wraps (4 treatments)
  • 1 Box of Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Patches
  • 1 Therapeutic Recovery Cream - Extra Strength (4.5 oz.)
  • Quick & Easy step by step treatment instructions
  • FREE USPS Priority Shipping
  • 3 - Month FREE membership in QiVantage’s Athlete Advantage Program

Price: $199 $99 ($100 Savings)


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What customers are saying about the QiVantage Injury Treatment Kits:

"I was skeptical about the product, but it has worked well, and far better than what the doctors have done for me thus far. The instructions were good and easy to follow." - Andy Anderson - MN
"It was effective! My son feels 85% better in just 2 days! I think this product is terrific and I would definitely purchase it again.” - Lauren Ripoli - NJ
"Your kit did the job again. I personally used one of your kits for a calf injury earlier in the year and was back competing in about 10 days vs. 6 weeks with the same injury 2 years ago. The hamstring kit I purchased for a teammate of mine who indicated he strained/pulled his hamstring 10 days before he needed run the 2nd leg on our 4x100 relay. Not only did he run pain free on our relay he won the 100 meters 40-44 age group at the Penn relays. Thanks for your continued help." Anthony DiSalvo - Sprinter, PA
"I purchased the product for my 14 year old daughter… I was a little skeptical at first but I started reading the testimonials from other users so I decided to give it a try since I had already wasted money on other products that didn't do what they promised. I said to myself what’s one more?...After wearing the wrap for 12 hours...low and behold she said the pain was gone... I must say that this product really works. I would tell anybody that is thinking about buying this product to go a head and buy it. IT REALLY WORKS!!!!" - Wanda Newkirk - NC

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