Groin Pain Rehab – Pulled Groin Muscle

THIS HURTS! What hurts…: The right side of my groin area. How you hurt it…: I was surfing for about 6 hours straight when I took a wave and I pulled my groin while doing a bottom turn on the wave. I continued to surf through it, but it hurt really bad when I was done. When you hurt it…: I hurt it about three months ago and the pain goes away when I rest it. But as soon as I try surfing, I re-injure it.Your pain level (1 is low, 10 is high pain): At the time I hurt it, my pain was about …

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  1. Does it ever go away totally?
    I did the exact same thing but while skimboarding (think surfing but starting on dry land). I pulled the left abductor while starting to run. This was back in July. It’s now January and I can still feel it while going up a lot of stairs.

  2. i suffered a groin pull during a volleyball match back on Dec 16th and till date i’m still in great pains with very limited movement possibilties…i just begun the rehab this evening and i must say the first stregthning exercise with the ball produce an excruciating pain! how long will i have to carry on with the rehab..given that i’ve got a major game on the 16th of Feb?

  3. I pulled my left groin muscle in cheerleading while tumbling about a year ago but I still seem to pull it everytime I do certain tumbling. I’ve tried all possible stretches and strengthening techniques but nothing works.

  4. How the heck can I do all this excercise if my pulled groin muscle is so bad I cannot even get up from sitting position and when I do I can only take a slow step at a time with the help of a walker.Its so painful its like learning how to walk again

  5. ok im 15 i weight 155 i work out for about 2 year and i was doing my max for deadlifting for football and deadlifted 305 i used a belt and hand grips. i had adrenaline so i didnt feel nothing i got it up all good and left and when i left i felt the pain hit me soo hard my right buttom of my nut hurts going up the groin and throw the waist and idk what it is help plz i dont want to wait to monday when i got to doctor..plz help ty

  6. Thanks for putting this up. Thanks, especially, for that first stretch; I don’t know how I totally forgot about it. I shall hope that that your exercises will help me get my right hip joint working properly, since it’s getting strained during my first session at an indoor climbing gym. Cheers.

  7. This video 100% helped heal my injury so I could go surfing again!! AMAZING techniques and made a huge difference — thanks Kristen!!

  8. ahah same here just for tennis. I served once and then out of no where my left groin started hurting. It stops hurting after a few hours of not serving then when i do serve it hurts. And my major game (League Finals for Highschool) is tomorrow :[

  9. i strained my adductor while in a wide second plie in dance class. i felt a popping sensation, but it didnt hurt. i did nothing but stay in bed for two days and iced it. on the third day i went out, just walked, and i came back home and it felt wierd, and i felt heat. nothing popped. what do i do? i tried the first stretches, and i hurts with the slightest stretch. i really dont know what to do anymore. do i let it heal longer?

  10. My advice after being injured for 8 months is get the scar tissue removed by either electrocution (very painful, but very quick and effective) massages or accupuncture. If you want to be back quickly, electrocution will do it. It took me 3-4 weeks after tear and I was playing football agin. its vital the scar tissue is removed!!!

  11. i couldnt lift my leg for 3 days is that bad ? and when i iced it it did not help , please say if you have any ideas to what happen ?

  12. Hi All, I’ve pulled my Adductor Mscl Too. the First RULE: R.I.C.E (Rest Ice Compression Elevation) 1st 2 days My groin area was swollen then the blood moved downwards my inner thigh, I got scared but my doctor said its Normal (coz blood effected by gravity) plz take rest as much as you can after two to three weeks start rehab, slight exercises then give yous self 2 to 3 months to train hard

  13. P.S. : don;t keep the ICE for more than 20 – 30 min, then rest for one hour then ICE again…so you don;t freeze your blood stream (LIKE I DID ) loool
    just in case you forgot the ice and found a BLACK or dark BROWN or Blue SKIN, don;t get scared it will go after few days 🙂

  14. I think i have the same problems from surfing
    But did it start in the (iliopsoas) muscles by my stomach?
    i think so

  15. hi just want to ask when im doing the ball exercise when i squeeze it feels like my mussle is really tight is this normal…thanks

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