How To Treat A Pulled Hamstring | First Aid Tips

After pulling a hamstring, the quickest way to relieve pain is to apply ice or cold packs to the muscle region, and wrap the damaged area with an elastic bandage. Promote healing for hamstring pulls with tips from a street firefighter in this free video on first aid and medical treatments. Expert: Joe Bruni Contact: [email protected] Bio: Captain Joe Bruni has over three decades of experience as a street firefighter and company officer. Learn other effective pulled hamstring treatments.

Pulling Your Hamstring During A Sprint

Watch as this sprinter grabs his right hamstring at the end of a 55M race. Anyone who has torn or pulled a hamstring knows how painful this can be. Worse yet if not treated correctly on the first occurrence, it can lead to lingering problems that can turn into a chronic hamstring injury. Rest and ice are not the best answer to speed recovery and prevent scar tissue from forming. Learn about various hamstring treatment options.

Pulled Hamstring Bruising

This is a real life example what pulled hamstring bruise looks like 4 days after the injury. Bruising, inflammation, and swelling are common after a severe hamstring tear. Learn how to judge the severity of a pulled or strained hamstring.

Hamstring Injury – " Golf Injuries "

This video discusses the Hamstring Injury or a pulled hamstring, one of the common golf injuries and leg injuries. The hamstring injury is a strain or a tear to the back of the upper leg muscles. Difficulty of squatting and sitting are common symptoms. To learn how to treat a hamstring injury, visit our pulled hamstring treatment overview.