Preventing Hip Pointers

After recovering from an injury, it’s important that you invest time and effort into prevention so that you don’t have to experience the pain of a hip pointer again.

Although it’s impossible to alleviate all risk of a hip pointer, there are ways you can prepare yourself to avoid potential hip pointers.

  • Use proper safety equipment in any activity that opens you up the risk of contact (pads, helmets, wrist, elbow, shin, and knee guards, gloves, etc.).
  • Be sure that your safety equipment fits properly and does not cause bruising in itself to your hips.
  • Be smart. When participating in activities that require contact, do not overly tax your body.

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  • Be sure to learn the proper techniques for your sport or exercise of choice. When you know how to perform the movements correctly – particularly which muscles groups to use effectively – not only will your enjoyment and skill level improve, but your chance for injury will dramatically decrease.



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